The Backend Basics

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In this article we will explore the side menu bar at the most basic level. We will checkout the basics to every wordpress site and then in further articles will dive into some of the more custom things you might see on your side bar such as Products. 


The posts section allows us to create and edit posts which for most wordpress sites this refers to the your blog posts. You can also create categories and tags to better organize your posts both behind the scenes and for the visitors. 


The media library is one of the most versatile areas of the backend as it will be used for many different situations. It is used to store any (and all) media that is on your website from images to videos and pdfs. 


This section is where you can locate all of your website pages to edit and also create new pages. It behaves very similar to the posts section. 


Due to its name the appearance should not be any surprise to anyone. It allows you to control the theme, menus and general appearance settings from your site tagline to the colors on your website. 


Plugins allow us to take a website to the next level with additional custom built code. Typically we suggest not touching these at all because they can effect the way your site runs although some other applications such as Woocommerce or Mailchimp will require you to install a plugin.