Post Basics

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The Posts (Blogs) Page.

Posts interact in a very similar manor as pages – the creating, editing and duplicating all interacts the same way. The main difference with posts is that you can utilize tags and categorizes to organize and structure them. Along with that you can also allow comments! 

Breaking Down Categories.

Categories are setup to allow a set of posts to be grouped together. This can be for internal organization but is often utilized for displaying posts in certain places. As seen above you can create and edit categories off of this page which will then allow you to add them to a post with a  back in the main posts page. 

Understanding Tags.

Tags work in a very similar manor to categories. You can create and edit them on a sperate page but assign them back on the root posts page. The main advantage with tags is that it allows another level of organization. Say you categorized your posts as two groups tags would allow you to further break down those groups.