Sales Process Funnel

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Your Sales Process Funnel is where you will hold and keep track interested leads. As seen in the last article, your interested leads were sent here through an automation in the Dial Session Template

While similar, these two boards have some different features that help them function including their columns, statuses, groups, and automations.


In this board, you are provided a variety of columns that help keep track of valuable data for each interested lead in your Sales Process Funnel. Each record’s number, email and website has been transferred to this board from your Dial Session Template Board.

Due dates and a World Clock have been added to ensure that you stay on top of those interested contacts. Remember, you can add any columns you think would help your sales process. 


The statuses here reflect the different basic Stages an active lead may sit in throughout your sales process. These can all be edited how you see fit.

Be aware that the current statuses are connected with automations that help self-organize your board, moving each item through the different groups.

Next Action Items

These statuses are unconnected from any automations pre-downloaded to your workspace template. Action Items help you remember what step to take next.

The due date column next to it lets you stick a personal time like for each action.


Above you can see the existing groups, that work hand in hand with the Stage Status and automations preset on this template. These groups keep track of which stage a lead may be in.


Finally, the automations that exist on this board move each item through the different groups once each specific status is.