Dial Session Template

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Your Dial Session Template is where you will keep record of all your outreach contacts and each of their business related information. Here you can see where a lead status sits, which outreach you’re on, and how many days it has been since your last outreach. 

Below, we’ll go through the basics of understanding and utilizing this board with monday.com’s different functions. 

Adding Records

In your board, monday.com allows you to import contacts from Excel and software alike, or add them manually. Due to the database sync integrations we set up with PhoneBurner, all items added to the New Records group will create a duplicate record in PhoneBurner, allowing your records to stay updated in both places at once. 

Your Columns

Within your Dial Session Template, you are provided various columns that help you keep track of your different aspects of each record. Whether its an action point, your contact’s data, or which actual outreach you’re on, this app helps you stay on top of your game. 

Your Statuses

The Lead Status column allows you to label your records as you feel they sit as a potential lead. If you’d like you can add, edit and replace any status that your template comes with. Remember which dispositions you link with each status so you can keep your board automated. 

The Last call status simply keeps track of whether the last call to a specific record was answered or not. 

Your Groups

With in the Dial Session Template, there lies a few pre-made columns 

Your Automations

Your Dial Session Template Board comes with 13 built in automations that help to keep your data updated for you. These also help to automatically move your each record through each outreach group depending on which call you are on. 

Let’s go over each set of automations so you understand how they work for you. 

Date Added

These automations track the date of when an item is created or moved into the New Records group. This allows you to know how long you’ve had a record in Dial Session Template, and essentially when you started outreaching to them.

Outreach Status

This automation requires you to select every desired record and move them to the First Outreach group. This is a very important automation as it requires an explicit action and sets up the rest of the automations for success. 

These automations keep a record of which outreach you are on for each record after your first outreach. To break down the automations, each one is essentially saying, when you make a call, and it’s your first time calling change the Outreach Status to Second Outreach.

And so on for the Second Outreach to Final, and for Final Outreach to Nurtured Leads.

Once the Outreach Statuses change to Second Outreach, Final Outreach, or Nurtured Lead, depending how many times you’ve called a contact with no response, these automations move your records through the specific groups of your board.

Connected Records

This automations ensures that all records who have been connected with, but haven’t decided whether or not they are interested will be moved to the Connect Records group.


This pair of automations moves all uninterested clients to the Archived group at the bottom of you Dial Session Template Board.

Sales Process Funnel

Finally, this automation moves all interested contacts from the Dial Session Template Board to the Sales Process Funnel Board.