Workspace Template

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The Dialing Pipeline Template is a prebuilt workspace in that allows you to keep track of and organize all of your outreach contacts and leads within the Dial Session Template and Sales Process Funnel boards respectively. is a sandbox environment that allows you to tailor your Boards and its information to suite your needs.

With Items that hold all of records information within its Columns, along with Statuses that help to automatically move your items through specific Groups, you can stay organized and efficient in tracking your data.  


Workspaces provide you with a hierarchy of organization to help you better manage multiple campaigns, teams, and outreach groups in one unified place. You can create tailored Workspaces to organize virtually any list, process, or data.


If you’re having trouble creating your own, you can download templates. There are a number of pre-prepared and fully customizable templates, such as our own Dial Session Template, that you can choose from whenever you create a new board in your account. 


Your boards are made up of groups which hold related items together. An item is an individual row (or line item) in a group. The content of an item is totally up to you and will depend on what the board’s plan is — from a list of projects to weekly tasks.


Columns are part of the foundation of your board’s function. offers many types of columns allowing you to build your board exactly the way you want it to be. 


One of the best things about is that it’s very visual and gives you a big picture at a glance, and Status columns is one of the key factors to this. The Status column allows you to see if the task is completed, is being worked on, or just any status you wish!


The Updates Section is where you can communicate and collaborate with all your team members and collect important details of your item. Every item on your board has an Updates Section, where you can discuss the item and upload important files and relevant information!


A group is a color-coded section on your board that contains your items (rows). When creating a board, you then need to ensure your groups reflect your sales process correctly. A group can be a set of contacts, a month, a specific step of a project, or whatever you want!


Automations allow you to use an event inside (like the changing of a status) to trigger an action (like sending a notification). You can create your own, or reach out to us to get some created for you.

Board Views

The board views allow you to visualize your board’s information in multiple different ways in order to analyze and report on your board data.