Installing board templates

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Adding Workspace

In you can keep your PhoneBurner records organized in our Dial Pipeline Template. Download the Sales & CRM template following the directions below and you’ll find yourself in custom workspace where you can keep track of a records data, updates, and statuses. 

Dial Session Board

Once downloaded, will bring you to your Dial Session Template Board. This board is your primary outreach funnel that will allow for records to progress through our pre-build pipeline using a series of automations. Like anything inside of this pipeline can be altered to further fit your companies needs.

Next Step Pipeline Board

The Second Board that is supplied within our workspace template is the Next Step Pipeline. This board was created to show the power of automation combined with PhoneBuner’s dispositions. To unlock this power we have setup pre-built automations that will move a record too this board once a status is changed. This is meant to act as the next step for your record in whatever use case your company may have.

Next Article!

Next we will review what integrations the PhoneBurner app has to offer. Additionally we will be showing how to add these integrations into your new boards!