Running a Dialing Session

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Before you run an actual Dialing Session, there are few steps that you need to take to ensure the session runs smoothly. We’re going to go over the essentials first, and then dive into running an actual Dialing Session.

Import Your Contacts

If using Excel, watch the following

Utilize existing lists by importing their data directly into from an existing Excel sheet. There are multiple ways to import contacts from Excel, along with various other applications. 

Main C

If manually adding records, watch the following

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Authenticate Your Contacts

To make sure that your records are all copied into PhoneBurner, you will need to move the contacts from the Imported Data group to the New Records group. To do this, click the group’s dropdown, select ‘Select all Records’, find ‘Move to’ at the bottom of the screen, and choose ‘New Records’.

Then, move all selected Records to First Outreach.

You can also manually select which records of the imported data that you would like to outreach. Select them individually by hovering on the left side of their name and choosing the desired records.

Start a Dialing Session

You will need to click into the Dial Session Board View as shown above. 

The Main Table is where all of the records and data are held, and where each one’s Leads status is kept track of. The Dialing Session Board View on the other hand is where you will be launching your Dialing Session from. 

Once you’re in the Dialing Session Board View, you can  Select the Group you’d like to make your Outreach to. For your first time calling a set of clients, click the ‘Select Group’ dropdown, and choose ‘First Outreach’. Then press ‘Begin Dial Session’ to start you Session. 

Set up Dialing Preset

Dialer Presets are one of PhoneBurners powerful automation tools that allow you to implement different settings such as your dispositions