Understanding Database Sync

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Finding Integrations Center

Breakdown of Video Above...

Find Dial Session Template under the Dialing Pipeline Template dropdown.

Click Integrations found in the top right

Find the ‘Search bar and type┬á“PhoneBurner” and scroll down to discover Record & Call Tracking┬áby CarbonWeb.

Main C

Selecting Integrations

When a item is created…



“When a pulse is created in this board, create a record in PhoneBurner”

This integration will ensure that every time a pulse is created in your monday.com board, a duplicate record will be created in PhoneBurner.


“Add To Board”┬áin the bottom right corner

Selecting Integrations

When a item is updated…


Follow the same process except this time select:

“When a pulse is updated in this board, update record in PhoneBurner”

These integrations ensure that each of your clients’ informtation┬áwill be tracked in both monday.com and PhoneBurner.